The Cruise

This is a literary piece I wrote while I was on a cruise with my family this past week.

The Cruise – 12/19/2015 

I’m 84% sure that I shouldn’t be here.

Where is here?

Not even kidding. My family? On a cruise?

This is an Abilene Paradox if I’ve ever heard the news.

do you know what I’m talking about? We are contrary to our preference, adventurous with no sense of reference.


I think a lot about rabbits–I think I might be one.

Scared of any little noise, god, can’t even run.

When they hear something, it’s like they pause,

statue mode on the outside.

inside: a huge fire drill deny

like alarm going off inside their furry little bodies.

Suddenly everything is a threat, when just TWO seconds ago

you were just chewing so cutely

bravely, on that little piece of lettuce

how do they get us

in rosario–south westest

 and all you want to do is climb into your rabbit hole

and nibble, nibble scribble

I am a stressed out little rabbit and I just need a hug—


This is not healthy. This is wrong.

Someone just pet me and feed me and let me rest? Life isn’t a test. The alarm system will NOT shut off, and nothing happens for the best. 

I’ve been doing okay and distracting myself, but then every once in a while…


And suddenly I’m on the verge of tears! Terror-fied. I’ll freak out. I’m paranoid.

“mom needs to hold my hand!”

I can’t let go and I’m freaking out of my mind.

It’s the influx of people—so many of them on here. It’s the shaking of the boat and the nausea I’ve had since I was a child.

I’m actually really scared. I’m going to be attacked.

Panic back, and hit cement 

If I could, I would scream. would make me feel a bit better?

But it’s impossible! I’m stuck on this stupid boat. 

And I can’t handle the weather.


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