Let’s Talk Made Up Scenarios

Sometimes I have these moments where I sit on the side of my bed and just get angry. Often I’ll just think of one person and how nice it would be to just push them. Of course, we humans start thinking up scenarios in our head and all the things we would say. We’ll work ourselves up, and if you’re like me, you’ll make hand movements or walk in circles around your room. For me, when I finally calm down and let my blood flow out of my heads, the reality is that if I actually saw this person or was put in this situation again, it wouldn’t play out like that. But really, what I’m left with that is actually painful is no answer, no justice. Why? Why did this happen? Why did this person do this? I deserve to be angry (which often you do) and I deserve to know why what who or how, or to at least have some sense of justice.

Even if your scenario was of you being kind and diplomatic instead using “that’ll show ’em” phrases or kicking and yelling, justice is so rarely given–at least in our little worlds.


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